Viktor Weinberg

actor & musician

Who is Viktor Weinberg?

Welcome to my website! I am a russian-german actor and musician based in Berlin. I have contributed to various film productions and keep looking for new interesting projects. I can provide profound acting skills in german, russian and english. The short film Hostel by Daniel Popat where I play the main male character premiered at Boddinale 2018 where it got the Best Short Film Award. Other prizes and nominations – among them the Directing Award at Filmreif 2018 – followed. After official invitations to such amazing film festivals as Achtung Berlin or Interfilm Hostel has won the German Short Film Award 2018. Another welcome guest of the 2018 & 19 festival season with me in the main role is the sci-fi short I Came From the Future by Dave Lojek.

In terms of music take a look at Lila von Grau where I perform as guitar player and composer. Our latest music video Пустая комната has won the Boddinale 2019. At the moment, the band is working on its third release. Have a look at some examples of my (openly available) work below and feel free to contact me if interested to collaborate!

Examples: Film



Voice Acting

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Viktor Weinberg
Alt-Friedrichsfelde 26
10315 Berlin

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